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Organic phosphonate liquid series corrosion inhibition
Organic phosphonate solid series corrosion inhibition
Organic phosphonate salt liquid series
Gather carboxylic acid anti-scaling dispersant
Bactericide,Sludge Stripper
Compound dedicated corrosion inhibition,Cleaning and Pretr
Copper and pickling corrosion inhibitors
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The company is committed to the field of specialty chemicals for water treatment and application development,professional production of water for industrial cooling water treatment agent scale and corrosion inhibitor,scale dispersants,fungicides,cement stripping visco agent,pre-film,dispersants,chelating agents and so on,are widely used in iron and steel,chemicals,power,textile,printing and dyeing,paper,petroleum, environmental protection,industrial water treatment industry and urban water supply and drainage applications.water treatment chemicals,antisludging agent,dispersant,scale inhibition,dirt dispersion agent,corrosion inhibitor and polymer, scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, water treatment,industrial water treatment. scale inhibitor.Over the years,with reliable products and quality service has won the majority of users trust and praise. Guided by the quality of the factory in order to survive,in good faith and development,services and efficient,management,will be dedicated to provide you with satisfied products.General manager,Xiaodong Kan,carrying all the staff to welcome old and new friends to cooperate here!
Polyacrylic Acid(PAA) 【CAS】9003-01-4 Structure: 1,Properties: PAA is innoxious and soluble in water, it can be used in situations of alkaline and high concentration without scale sediment. PAA c
Sodium Polyacrylate(PAAS) 【CAS】9003-04-7 Structure: 1,Properties: PAAS is innoxious and soluble in water, it can be used in situations of alkaline and high concentration without scale sediment
Hydrolyzed Polymaleic Anhydride(HPMA) 【CAS】26099-09-02 Structure: 1,Properties: HPMA is a low molecular weight polymeride, with average molecular weight 400-800. No toxicity, soluble in water,
Copolymer of Maleic and Acylic Acid(MA/AA) 【CAS】26677-99-6 Structure: 1,Properties: MA/AA is a low molecular weight polyelectrolyte, a copolymer of maleic anhydride and acrylic acid. It has goo
Acrylic Acid-2-Hydroxypropyl Acrylate Copolymer(T-225) 【CAS】55719-33-0 Alias:AA/HPApolymer Structure: 1,Properties: T-225 is copolymer of polyacrylic acid and hydroxypropyl acrylate, it has goo
Acrylic Acid-2-Acrylamido-2-Methylpropane Sulfonic Acid Copolymer(AA/AMPS) 【CAS】40623-75-4 Structure: 1,Properties: AA/AMPS is the copolymer of acrylic acid and 2-acrylanmido-2-methylpropanesulf
Sodium of Polyepoxysuecinic Acid(PESA) Molecular Formula:HO(C4H2O5M2)nH Molecular weight: 400-1500 Structure: 1,Properties: PESA is a multivariate scale and corrosion inhibitor with non-phospho
Sodium of Polyaspartic Acid(PASP) 【CAS】181828-06-8,35608-40-6 Molecular Formula:C4H6NO3(C4H5NO3)C4H6NO4 Molecular weight:1000-5000 Structure: 1,Properties: PASP is a water soluble polymer. It i

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