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Water Treatment Application Technology

2016-10-20 01:52:14

         Successful development of various water treatment chemicals for industrial cooling water treatment technology provides a material basis for the application of water treatment chemicals technology is the protection of water treatment success. China's cooling water treatment chemicals and application technology is with the introduction of large-scale chemical fertilizer plant, petrochemical, metallurgical equipment and developed, although the late start, but closely follow the development trend of foreign countries, combined with national conditions for research and development and application , So the starting point is high, rapid development. Electrostatic method, electric field method, electrolytic method, ultrasonic method, ultraviolet ray method, etc. have also been boldly explored and applied, and accumulated some experience. Electrostatic field method and magnetization method are used in boiler water treatment. Treatment, air conditioning and other small water system has a certain effect. Since the 1980s, due to the emergence of high-performance scale and dispersant, in the treatment of cooling water there is no acid pH, pH value of the natural balance of the operation of the alkaline treatment program, which fully reflects the progress of water treatment technology , But in the actual treatment, high-performance anti-scaling agent in the appropriate reduced pH value, can greatly enhance the concentration factor, so in the water treatment, the use of acid and pH balance p H value of natural balance of two Water Treatment Technology. So far, China's industrial enterprises have not yet fully realize the cooling water cycle, especially small businesses, because of the large number of large water consumption, so the proportion of the amount of circulating water can not be ignored, and some enterprises, although the use of cooling, but Not using cooling water treatment technology, low concentration, low utilization of cooling water. With the further improvement of water treatment technology, domestic water treatment chemicals and technology began to export. At the same time the new Lin acid salt, new fungicides continue to develop successfully, the forefront of pharmaceutical research and foreign level is basically close. "All-organic formula" application continue to increase the proportion, at the same time, low-phosphorus, non-phosphorus, non-metallic formulations continue to market.

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