Several Kinds of Sewage Agents Used in Industrial Water Treatment "Water crisis" increasingly grim, filter for your worries What is the Analytical Method of Scale Inhibitor What are the types of scale inhibitors? Water Treatment Application Technology
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Polyacrylamide PAM flocculant is a water-soluble polymer, insoluble in most organic solvents, is the use of a wide range of industrial wastewater treatment flocculant, has a good flocculant, can r
Recently, the State Council approved the "National Water Resources Planning." Planning put forward by 2020, the national water volume and strive to control in 6700 billion cubic meters; mi
Water treatment agent analysis method is believed to be a lot of friends want to know the problem, it is not only related to the quality of inhibitors also affect the use of results, the following
Commonly used in water treatment inhibitors are polyphosphate, organic phosphonic acid, phosphonic acid, organic phosphonate, polycarboxylic acid and so on. Polyphosphate Commonly used polyph
Successful development of various water treatment chemicals for industrial cooling water treatment technology provides a material basis for the application of water treatment chemicals technology
one. What are the main components of reverse osmosis scale inhibitor? Reverse osmosis scale inhibitors include some of the natural scale and dispersant, phosphonic acid, phosphonic acid and phosp
Reverse osmosis technology is one of the more mature technologies in water treatment desalination. In the design and use of the process of combining the actual situation and the needs of different
Oil field water scale is an unavoidable problem in oilfield production, and this problem becomes more prominent with the increase of oil production. Scaling brings many hazards to the production,
Common corrosion and scale inhibitors are mainly used for industrial circulating water corrosion and scale inhibition, the main role in the circulating water, a long time to maintain the performan
HEDP is an organic phosphoric acid-based corrosion inhibitor, with iron, copper, zinc and other metal ions to form stable complexes, can dissolve the metal oxide surface. HEDP at 250 ℃ can still pla
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